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Spring Dance Recital 2018 is Saturday May 26TH...(Memorial Day weekend)

11:00 show for ages 3 yrs - 1st grade, combo classes

4:00 show for ages 2nd grade and older, Levels 1,2,3,4

25th Friday evening dress rehearsal, 4:00 for the 11:00 show, and 6:00 for the 4:00 show.

VENUE this year is the DHS LITTLE THEATER ...General admission to each recital is $8.00 (and parents receive 2 free admission tickets with their paid show/recital fee, $30 due May 4th, and one with each sibling recital fee) 11:00 am recital should last 1 hour, 4:00 pm recital 2 hours. All performers stay for the entire recital and stay backstage with their group. All dancers line up at the end for the finale onstage, where we do awards/announcements and present dancers with ribbons. Parents can choose to present flowers to their performers if they want to. All this can be done after the awards.

Recital fees are due by May 4th ($30 for everyone performing in recital 2018. This helps to cover the production costs of the recital including facility rental fees for two days, programs, music, lights, backdrop, tickets, awards, ribbons and labor put into the show) 

All class fees for the end of this season, must be paid in full by May 18th, 2016.

Important Dates:

Costumeare coming in.

Please try on all costumes ASAP and report any sizing errors to us at 731-286-2787., so we can get in a timely exchange. 


Spring 2019 dance competition dates: 2 regionals: TBA



Please have entry fees paid on time!




Dance Masters of America

Mrs. Cathy traveled to New York during the summers of 2003-2007 to train with Dance Masters of America. July 2007 was my fourth year and the year to test in each discipline, Jazz, Tap and Ballet. Through an intense examination process, dance teachers from all over the world are "tested to teach" through demonstrative, verbal, teaching and written examinations.

Mrs. Cathy is graduate of the teachers training program and is certified through the national organization of Dance Masters of America!!!

Test Scores: Jazz 98.5  - Tap 97  - and Ballet 93.25

For more information/credentials about the tts program and for student intensive study programs for teens, visit